a children's book by joshua belter
author of the book of rules

     The Story of a Box is a children's book which deals with the difficult issues we all face during adolescence. We are all quite different in our own way. In our metamorphosis into adulthood, we have all coped with bullies, worked to identify and build our own identity, and searched to find our own way in life. The Story of a Box addresses many of those complex issues in a pure and simplistic manner. In fact, this book was initially written by Joshua Belter at the age of 10.

The Story of a Box is a book/CD project. Each book includes a free download of the song, “Empty” recorded by Fast Time Constant.

Although this book was professionally illustrated by Jean Ashenfelter in 2012, the message, tone, and theme has changed very little from the original story written over three decades ago. Joshua wrote the original Story of a Box at age 10 for a fourth grade writing project which can be viewed on this web site.

Joshua Belter is the author of The Book of Rules, a parody “life rules” manual that details the right way to do just about everything in life – with humor. Joshua lives in Alaska with his cat Moosie.

The official music video for the song

by Andy Mason and Joshua Belter

    We had a great kick-off of the new book at the
Southlake, TX Barnes and Noble! Thanks for the
wonderful turnout!!!

I know this book will make a difference...

Pictured are Andy Mason and Joshua Belter, singing the accoustic version of the song "Empty"